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Paper: The NOAO Data Management System: Day-to-Day Challenges of Managing the DMS
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 515
Authors: Barg, I.; Seaman, R.; Lanning, H.; Smith, R.C.; Saavedra, N.
Abstract: The Data Management System (DMS) manages the NOAO Data Products Program (DPP) end-to-end data-flow system. The DMS provides a common framework to handle the flow of raw, pipeline reduced, and science quality astronomical data. The DMS is a distributed system that incorporates three observatories, and three data centers, that are geographically distributed across two hemispheres. Data can enter the DMS from NOAO telescopes, automated pipelines, and manually from surveys. The operational requirements to capture, transport, store, and validate data through the system are challenging at the current raw data rates (approximately 19.7 TB for 2006). This challenge grows as new instruments come on-line, which will increase the data rates to an estimated 58.5 TB for 2007. This paper presents the day-to-day Operations tasks that are required to manage and insure the integrity of these data at all sites.
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