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Paper: The Milan-Marseille Future Astronomical Software Environment Prototype
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 487
Authors: Garilli, B.; Paioro, L.; Fenouillet, T.; Surace, C.
Abstract: The European OPTICON Network 3.6, in collaboration with theUS National Virtual Observatory, is working on the definition of requirements and general architecture of a new scalable and interoperable software environment. Such environment, named the Future Astronomical Software Environment (FASE), is intended to be a common platform for data reduction and analysis applications, supporting and exploiting (but not replacing) new technologies like Virtual Observatory and Grids. The advanced status of the study and design has led to the need of putting such ideas in a concrete form, implementing a first prototype. We present the FASE prototype developed by INAF-IASF Milano and LAM Marseille and the practical application of its engineering to the VIPGI data reduction package. We show the technologies adopted, the problems solved and to be tackled, and possible future developments.
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