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Paper: Post-Band Merge Utilities Applied to Spitzer Pleiades Data
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 461
Authors: Laher, R.R.; Fowler, J.W.
Abstract: Band merging extracted point sources observed in multiple wavelength bands is generally done purely on the basis of positional information in order to avoid photometric biases. Automated merge decisions can be more optimal with better position estimation and more realistic modeling of positional estimation errors. Unfortunately, extraction software often does not provide the most accurate positional information possible, and so post-band merge utilities have been developed and implemented to refine both the source positions and the error modeling. Subsequent band merging of the refined detections improves the completeness and reliability of the multi-band source catalog. Application to Spitzer Space Telescope mapping observations of the Pleiades star cluster demonstrates some aspects of the improved band merging.
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