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Paper: Efficient Algorithms for Large-Scale Asteroid Discovery
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 395
Authors: Kubica, J.; Denneau, L. Jr.; Moore, A.; Jedicke, R.; Connolly, A.
Abstract: The goal of asteroid discovery and linkage is to find sets of individual point detections corresponding to the same new object. However, this conceptually simple goal leads to a computationally expensive question: How do we extract the true associations from the vast number of possibilities? The next generation of sky surveys will provide a wealth of observational data, greatly increasing both the ability to find new objects and the scale of the computational challenge. In this paper we discuss the computational issues inherent in asteroid linkage and discovery for large sky surveys. We present efficient data structures and algorithms to reduce the search space and make the task tractable on massive data sets.
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