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Paper: Commissioning the NOAO DataManagement System
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 381
Authors: Lanning, H.H.; Seaman, R.; Smith, R.C.
Abstract: The NOAO Data Management System (Barg et al. 2007) is comprised of several large subsystems. Its Data Transport System (Huang et al. 2007) annually conveys Tbytes of data between six remote, intercontinental sites. The NOAO Science Archive (NSA) has been safeguarding key NOAO data products for almost five years. NSA release 3.0 will dramatically increase the data holdings as well as update the entire suite of technologies. The NOAO High-Performance Pipeline System (Swaters & Valdes 2007, Valdes & Swaters 2007) addresses the need for scientifically verified, pipeline-processed data products from major NOAO instruments. The NOAO Virtual Observatory Portal (Miller, Gasson & Fuentes 2007) is the observatory’s keystone VO project. This integrated, yet highly distributed, system is the result of a large software project known as the NOAO End-to-End System (E2E: Smith et al. 2007). E2E involved the development of numerous interfaces and tools requiring careful and thorough review and testing. Extensive test plans were developed to assure that the science and functional requirements of the entire E2E system were met. Integration tests were run by the developers before the individual subsystems were delivered to the Data Products Program (DPP) Operations Group. Acceptance tests were then run by the Operations staff to ensure the delivered system was ready for commissioning and deployment. Performance tests and scientific verification were done concurrently to assure the resulting data quality of the processed data met their science requirements. Testing of infrastructure and user interfaces was invaluable not only in ensuring that functional requirements were met for the current version, but in developing new requirements for future versions. In short, commissioning is an on-going process, not a milestone.
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