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Paper: FITS Foreign File Encapsulation
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 351
Authors: Zarate, N.; Seaman, R.; Tody, D.
Abstract: FITS FOREIGN is a new FITS extension type that has been submitted to the FITS Registry as a standard way to wrap an arbitrary file, allowing a file or tree of files to be wrapped up in FITS and later restored to disk. Certain of the file attribute keywords can be included in the header of any FITS file or extension to support such things as storing a directory tree containing images, tables, and other non-FITS types of files in a multi-extension FITS (MEF) file, and later restoring the whole tree to disk. The motivation for this extension was to allow an implementation that is based on the FITS multi-extension mechanism to encapsulate and pass non-FITS data.
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