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Paper: Metadata for VO-compatible Spectral Files in FITS Format
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 331
Authors: Kamp, I.; Thompson, R.; Smith, M.; Levay, K.; White, R.L.; Micol, A.; Durand, D.
Abstract: The Multimission Archive at the Space Telescope Science Institute (MAST) in collaboration with the Space Telescope European Coordination Facility (ST-ECF) and the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC) is working on making its spectral data (UV and optical) available to the VO through the Simple Spectral Access Protocol (SSAP). The bottleneck so far has been the collection of metadata, especially for heritage instruments. We closely follow the VO Data Characteristics Model for determining the different levels of data characterization. We also address the need for additional metadata such as a 98 percentile flux to display spectra and characterize continuum levels. Creating the proper keywords for FITS serialization has also required much effort. FITS conventions such as TDMINn, TDMAXn, etc. will be used where possible. There is a need to standardize algorithms for derived metadata such as signalto- noise ratio in order to assure meaningful comparison between VO retrieved spectral data.
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