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Paper: A Customizable Database Server: MCS, a Flexible Resource for Astronomical Projects
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 323
Authors: Nicastro, L.; Calderone, G.
Abstract: Nowadays medium to large size astronomical projects have to face the management of a large amount of information and data. Dedicated data centers manage the collection of raw and processed data and consequently make them accessible, typically as static files, either via (s)ftp or http (web). However the various steps of data acquisition, archiving, processing and delivering are accomplished by different tools. The data production information (logging) is not always collected into relational database tables causing long delays before people know about their existence. Luckily the use, in many cases, of standard file formats like FITS can help to track the data origin and processing status. As Virtual Observatory standards will become more common, things will quickly improve. Here we present a software library we implemented in order to use a unified model in astronomical data treatment. All the data are stored into the same database becoming available in different forms to different users with different privileges.
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