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Paper: Processing WIRCam/CFHT Wide-Field Near-Infrared Data at TERAPIX
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 285
Authors: Marmo, C.
Abstract: The TERAPIX processing procedure for the WIRCam camera data is presented. The WIRCam camera is the latest near-infrared, wide-field facility available at CFHT. It provides wide-field imaging data in several broadand narrow-band filters in the range 1 to 2.2 μm. TERAPIX can provide, to any PIs with ongoing WIRCam programs, astrometrically and photometrically calibrated images as well as stacks, catalogs, and relevant quality assessment metadata. Terapix handles pre-processed data, starting from pre-calibrated images produced by CFHT. The tools developed at TERAPIX for the WIRCam data reduction comprise the following four steps: quality assessment and weight-map production, precise astrometric and photometric calibrations, stack generation, catalogs, and final quality-assessment delivery. Specific procedures have been implemented for sky subtraction and correction of artifacts. They are known to be the most critical points in infrared data reduction. Since both depend on the observation strategy and the scientific objectives of the PIs, the TERAPIX recipes have been implemented with special attention to flexibility.
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