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Paper: The NOAO High-Performance Pipeline System: Architecture Overview
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 265
Authors: Scott, D.; Pierfederici, F.; Swaters, R.A.; Thomas, B.; Valdes, F.G.
Abstract: The NOAO High-Performance Pipeline System is an infrastructure that provides event-driven execution of scientific data processing pipelines within a distributed, parallel system. The architecture includes the Flipper Pipeline Management System (Pierfederici 2005) and an assortment of services that manage hardware resources, calibration libraries, and metadata databases. The pipeline system infrastructure is separate from the pipeline applications that are built from host-callable programs and data processing systems. In this paper we describe the components of the pipeline system. The NOAO Mosaic Pipeline uses this system and is described in companion papers (Swaters & Valdes 2007, Valdes & Swaters 2007).
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