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Paper: A Footprint Service for the HST Archive
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 193
Authors: Greene, G.; Lubow, S.; Budavari, T.; Szalay, A.
Abstract: A prototype footprint service for the HST archive has been developed as a component to the Hubble Legacy Archive initiative at the Space Telescope Science Institute. The footprint service retrieves spatial region descriptions of aperture coverage for the pointed observations of the Wide Field Planetary Camera -2 and Advanced Camera Wide Field instruments. Using the WCS of the instrument sensor positioning the aperture coordinates are accurately mapped into the celestial spherical frame based on a spherical geometric model developed at The Johns Hopkins University. The model provides methods for performing region operations to intersect and union these HST regions observations. In addition we have developed a hierarchical scheme for managing the complexity of overlapping exposures using a stacking methodology. We are developing more abstract region descriptions for grouped observations. The footprint service provides accessibility to the region descriptions in the IVOA Space Time Coordinate representation for interoperability between archives and compatibility with VO enabled applications.
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