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Paper: NOAO DMaSS Solutions Platform: An Integrated Approach to Services
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 135
Authors: Lowry, S.J.; Warner, P.B.
Abstract: In 2006 July the NOAO Science Archive (NSA) team deployed to a staging environment an archive system based upon a service-oriented architecture. This system consisted of six services, each of which encapsulated a defined subset of the archiving responsibilities. This system was shown to ingest data files and science metadata successfully within the constraints of its very limited deployment, but also provided us with the information needed to evolve the system to improve the reliability of data management. Armed with new insight, we proceeded to evolve the architecture.

Beginning in 2006 August the NSA team began improving the existing service-oriented architecture by decomposing some of the services that had grown too monolithic, and by introducing new services to solve some of the problems previously identified by the staging deployment. The new architecture was given the name NOAO Data Management and Science Support (DMaSS) Solutions Platform to reflect the flexibility introduced by the refactoring. This work is resulting in not just a new archive for NOAO, but also in a new platform for building archive systems. This new platform is built upon the previous NSA work but goes further to provide increased reliability, greater deployment flexibility, better scalability, and more functionality. We present a description of this service-oriented architecture, and describe how the components used to build the NOAO Science Archive can also be integrated into other efforts to produce solutions for managing data, and supporting scientific efforts, in the field of astronomy.

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