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Paper: Spitzer Science Center within an Enterprise Architecture
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 109
Authors: Handley, T.; the IPAC ISG, DBA, and SDM Teams
Abstract: The Spitzer Science Centerís (SSC) evolutionary development approach, coupled with a flexible, scaleable hardware and software architecture has been key in Spitzerís ability to handle an explosion of data products, evolving data definitions, and changing data quality requirements. Spitzer is generating (depending on the campaign and instrument) about 10 TB of pre-archive data every 14 to 20 days. This generally reduces to between 3 TB and 6 TB of standard products, again depending on the campaign and instrument. This paper will discuss (1) the Spitzer Science Centerís responses to evolving data, quality, and processing requirements and (2) how robust or not was the original architecture to allow Spitzer to accommodate on-going change.
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