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Paper: An All-Sky 2MASS Mosaic Constructed on the TeraGrid
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 65
Authors: Laity, A.; Berriman, G.B.; Good, J.C.; Katz, D.S.; Jacob, J.C.; Brieger, L.; Moore, R.; Williams, R.; Deelman, E.; Singh, G.; Su, M.-H.
Abstract: The Montage mosaic engine supplies on-request image mosaic services for the NVO astronomical community. A companion paper describes scientific applications of Montage. This paper describes one application in detail: the generation at SDSC of a mosaic of the 2MASS All-sky Image Atlas on the NSF TeraGrid. The goals of the project are: to provide a value-added 2MASS product that combines overlapping images to improve sensitivity; to demonstrate applicability of computing at-scale to astronomical missions and surveys, especially projects such as LSST; and to demonstrate the utility of the NVO Hyperatlas format. The numerical processing of an 8 TB, 32-bit survey to produce a 64-bit, 20 TB output atlas presented multiple scalability and operational challenges. An MPI Python module, MYMPI, was used to manage the alternately sequential and parallel steps of the Montage process. This allowed us to parallelize all steps of the mosaic process: that of many, sequential steps executing simultaneously for independent mosaics and that of a single MPI parallel job executing on many CPUs for a single mosaic. The Storage Resource Broker (SRB) was used to archive the output results in the Hyperatlas. The 2MASS mosaics are now being assessed for scientific quality. Around 130,000 CPU-hours were used to complete the mosaics. The output consists of 1734 plates spanning 6° for each of 3 bands. Each of the 5202 mosaics is roughly 4 GB in size, and each has been tiled into a 1212 array of 26 MB files for ease of handling. The total size is about 20 TB in 750,000 tiles.
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