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Paper: Synoptic Data in the WFCAM& VISTA Science Archive
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 54
Authors: Cross, N.; Hambly, N.; Collins, R.; Bryant, J.; Mann, R.; Read, M.; Sutorius, E.; Williams, P.
Abstract: Synoptic data is becoming an increasingly important requirement for modern surveys. Increases in detector size, data processing, and storage make it feasible to survey large areas of sky repeatedly to find variable and moving objects, such as extra-solar planetary systems, supernovae, solar-system objects and variable stars. Here we present the data model that we will use for synoptic data in the WSA/VSA. We show how this model can be applied to the data to select interesting variable and non-variable stars. We will review some of the different synoptic data available in the WSA, and likely data in the VISTA public surveys from the proposals so far, and how these can best be handled.
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