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Paper: Pixel-Level Simulation of Imaging Data
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 50
Authors: Stoughton, C.; Kuropatkin, N.P.; Neilsen, E. Jr.; Harms, D.C.
Abstract: We are preparing a set of Java packages to facilitate the design and operation of imaging surveys. The packages use shapelets to describe shapes of astronomical sources, optical distortions, and shear from weak gravitational lensing. We introduce noise, bad pixels, cosmic rays, the pupil image, saturation, and other observational effects. A set of utility classes handles I/O, plotting, and interfaces to existing packages: nom.tam.fits for FITS I/O; for tables; and cern.colt for algorithms. The packages have been used to generate images for the Dark Energy Survey data challenges, and will be used by SNAP to continue evaluating its design.
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