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Paper: Galactic Distribution of Macro-and-Microstructure in the Ionized Interstellar Medium
Volume: 365, SINS — Small Ionized and Neutral Structures in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium
Page: 233
Authors: Cordes, J.M.; Lazio, T.J.W.; Bhat, R.
Abstract: Fluctuations in the ionized ISM have been probed to scales as small as a few hundred kilometers and appear to be turbulent in nature. In this paper we summarize relevant integrated measures and how they are used to infer local quantities and to model the electron density and its fluctuations on a Galactic scale. We also discuss constraints on the inner scale and anisotropy of microstructure in the electron density. The most recent electron-density model, NE2001, is described and we outline improvements that will be made in the next version of the model, NE200X. Finally, we discuss the role of foreground plasmas in the interplanetary and interstellar media in constraining scattering in the intergalactic medium.
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