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Paper: Limits on the Power Spectra of HI towards PSR B0329+54
Volume: 365, SINS — Small Ionized and Neutral Structures in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium
Page: 74
Authors: Minter, A.H.
Abstract: We present multi-epoch, Green Bank Telescope (GBT) observations of HI absorption toward the pulsar PSR B0329+54 spanning approximately three years and four months. Due to the sensitivity of the GBT, the brightness of PSR B0329+54, and its proper motion, changes in the HI absorption can be detected on time scales of less than one day. The structure function of HI absorption variations has been computed and there is no evidence of any HI variations on time scales from hours to a few years. We explore how false detections can arise from systematic errors in the baseline modeling. Finally, we discuss the merits of using structure functions to analyze HI absorption spectra.
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