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Paper: Radial Velocity Follow-up of Planetary Transit Candidate MACHO.120.22303.5389
Volume: 366, Transiting Extrasolar Planets Workshop
Page: 265
Authors: Weldrake, D.T.F.; Setiawan, J.; Weise, P.; Henning, Th.
Abstract: We present preliminary results on the radial velocity follow-up of a planetary transit candidate (P=2.43d, V=15.4 mag) detected during the MACHO project. The photometry is consistent with a grazing transit of an object with radius ≥1.8RJ orbiting a K dwarf star, and is the brightest best candidate detected from MACHO. Results from the 2.2m MPG/ESO telescope and FEROS (R=48,000) in May 2006 display an apparent radial velocity variation with amplitude ~650m/s with the same period as the transit, and a solar-type primary. This is consistent with an orbiting companion of mass ~4MJ. However, further observations display an additional secondary long-period variation with amplitude of several km/s, indicating the presence of a third body. The system is likely a low mass eclipsing binary orbiting the solar-type primary. Further observations are planned to fully characterize the system.
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