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Paper: A Ground-Based Search for L Band Thermal Emission from TrES-1
Volume: 366, Transiting Extrasolar Planets Workshop
Page: 259
Authors: Knutson, H.A.; Charbonneau, D.; Deming, D.; Richardson, L.J.
Abstract: Recent observations using the Spitzer Space Telescope have detected the thermal emission from several transiting planets, including TrES-1. Charbonneau et al. (2005) found that the 4.5 μm eclipse depth for TrES-1 was smaller than expected; theoretical models predict that hot Jupiters like TrES-1 should have a strong peak in their emission at 4 μm. We followed up this initial Spitzer measurement with spectral observations of the secondary eclipse of TrES-1 in L band using NIRI on Gemini North, which allowed us to create a bandpass centered on the predicted 4 μm peak. The simultaneous observation of a second star allows us to calibrate out time-dependent variations in the common-mode terrestrial atmospheric absorption and seeing effects. We obtained a series of 758 spectra spanning two secondary eclipses of TrES-1 and present the preliminary results of our analysis in this poster.
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