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Paper: The Modernized Solar Spectrograph at Ondrejov
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 559
Authors: Kotrc, P.
Abstract: The spectrograph of one of the two medium-size horizontal solar telescopes Φ 500/34850 mm has recently been changed from Czerny-Turner to a multicamera system. Change of the diffraction grating from Bausch & Lomb to a Richardson one enabled to use 4 high speed CCD cameras working simultaneously in 4 diagnostically important spectral lines (Hα, Hβ, HeI D3, and Ca IIH or K). In addition, the Hα slit-jaw imaging system has been improved and equipped with an identical CCD camera. Another CCD camera operating in white light was implemented to provide information necessary for the observer. Full-disk image taken in Hα is also provided. The VDS Vosskühler CCD cameras (1280 × 1024 pxs, 12 bits) can sample several spectra and filtergrams per second. Data are stored, archived and reduced in an off-line regime. The observing room has been moved from the primary focus to the basement of the pavilion to minimize possible interferences of the sensitive optical device. The observation system is flexible enough with respect to observations of dynamic phenomena of solar activity (flares, prominences, filaments, etc.). Therefore, the observational program is scheduled for any active phenomenon momentarily occurring at the solar disk or limb. The only limitation is weather and season of the year. The program is open for cooperations with other ground based and space born instruments in the frame of existing and future projects. Examples of the data and description of the solar optical spectrograph can be found at Experience obtained during the two years of its initial operation is mentioned. Technical details and scientific plans of the spectrograph are outlined and discussed.
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