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Paper: Observations and Simulations of Ca IIH and Ca II 8662
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 147
Authors: Rammacher, W.; Schmidt, W.; Hammer, R.
Abstract: We study chromospheric dynamics by analyzing long high spatial resolution time series of spectra of the Ca IIH line and the Ca II infrared line at 8662 Å, recorded simultaneously near disk center of the sun. The observations were made at the VTT, Tenerife. The time series have a temporal resolution of 3 (8662) and 6 s (H), respectively. After the statistical analysis of the observation results, we used 1-D chromosphere simulation codes to make a series of computations with purely acoustic waves to obtain a time series of synthetic line profiles for Ca II H. A comparison of observational and theoretical results shows profound differences between these model calculations and the observations. A more detailed description of this work is in preparation and will be published in a main astronomy journal.
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