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Paper: A New Echo-Mapping Campaign at Intermediate Redshift
Volume: 360, AGN Variability from X-Rays to Radio Waves
Page: 201
Authors: Trevese, D.; Stirpe, G.; Vagnetti, F.; Zitelli, V.; Paris, D.
Abstract: AGN masses can be estimated by “single epoch” spectral measurements through a mass/luminosity/line-width relation calibrated by echomapping measurements of a reference sample of low-redshift (z < 0.3) and lowluminosity (MB > −26 mag) AGNs. To analyze the possible dependence of this relation on luminosity, we selected a sample of bright, intermediate-redshift (z ≈ 1) objects and we started a spectrophotometric monitoring campaign with a typical sampling time of about one month. Variability observations of lines with wavelengths shortward of Hβ will also provide new information on the structure of the broad-line region. Cross-correlation analysis of continuum and line variations will require years of monitoring. We present a preliminary analysis of the data collected during the first year of observations. We discuss the adequacy of the spectrophotometric accuracy attained and future prospects of this project.
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