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Paper: X-ray, Optical, and Radio Monitoring of Gamma-Ray Blazars
Volume: 360, AGN Variability from X-Rays to Radio Waves
Page: 169
Authors: Jorstad, S.G.; Marscher, A.P.; Aller, M.F.; Balonek, T.J.
Abstract: We have performed multi-frequency monitoring of the quasars 3C 279 and PKS 1510–089 plus BL Lac over several years. We investigate the light curves to define characteristic time scales of variability and search for correlation between high energy and lower frequency events. We find a meaningful correlation between X-ray and optical variations for 3C 279 and BL Lac and between X-ray and radio light curves for PKS 1510–089. In all cases the correlation occurs for variations with time scales from a few weeks to 2-3 months. For the quasars the X-ray variations follow those at lower frequencies by 6-16 days while in BL Lac the correlation coefficient peaks at zero lag. The structure function for the X-ray light curves of the quasars shows a similar slope ~ 0.7–0.8 on time scales where a connection with low energy events is detected.
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