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Paper: Multi-Frequency Long-Term Radio Variability and the Milliarcsecond Structure of the High-Redshift Quasar OH471
Volume: 360, AGN Variability from X-Rays to Radio Waves
Page: 149
Authors: Volvach, A.E.; Kovalev, Yu.Y.
Abstract: We study the possibly double-humped broad-band radio spectrum and milliarcsecond structure of the high-redshift radio-loud quasar OH471. Results of our observations performed at the 22-m CrAO radio telescope, and at RATAN-600, as well as available VLBI data together with other published single-dish measurements in the frequency range 0.3–90 GHz for the period 1964–2003, are analyzed. The high-frequency component associated with the compact relativistic jet dominates the spectrum above 5GHz. We discuss substantial changes in the quasar radio spectrum through the last 40 years spanned by the observations, as well as the characteristics of its very compact VLBI structure.
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