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Paper: Chromospheric Magnetism
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 419
Authors: Harvey, J.W.
Abstract: Magnetic fields have been measured using chromospheric spectrum lines since Hale's discovery of magnetic fields in sunspots. This is a brief selective review of the history of research on chromospheric magnetism, including some of the key results and future prospects. The topic is challenging both from the observational and analysis perspectives, but major advances on both fronts have recently invigorated this research area. Selected recent results are highlighted with some emphasis on results from NSO. One notable result is that the chromosphere has large areas with predominantly horizontal magnetic field and these areas have structural, dynamical and radiative properties that are different from the quiet Sun, sunspots, plages and filaments and deserve more study. The near term prospects are bright for improved understanding of chromospheric magnetism.
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