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Paper: Using the eVscope and Mobile Devices for Astronomy Outreach
Volume: 533, ASP 2021: Sharing Best Practices – AstronomyTeaching and Public Engagement
Page: 267
Authors: Sibbernsen, K.
Abstract: As a part of the NASA Community College Network (NCCN) pilot group, I was awarded a Unistellar eVscope through a grant with SETI. This is a new type of electronic telescope that provides enhanced views of deep sky objects. With the image stacking technology on display, we can view faint galaxies and nebulae in the worst conditions for light pollution. This type of telescope is a game-changer for urban astronomical outreach. As a feature, up to 10 participants can link to the telescope through Wifi using their cell phones or iPads through the Unistellar app. There is one person who is allowed to control the telescope and the rest are observers who can view the live images. In this presentation, I will share images, observations, and outreach experiences with the eVscope.
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