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Paper: NASA's Neurodiversity Network (N3): Creating Inclusive Learning Activities Across the Spectrum
Volume: 533, ASP 2021: Sharing Best Practices – AstronomyTeaching and Public Engagement
Page: 173
Authors: Cominsky, L.; Peticolas, L.; Riccio, A.; Martin, W.; Mendez, B.; Perez, S.; Williams, G.; Grillo-Hill, A.; Valcarcel, J.
Abstract: NASA's Neurodiversity Network (N3) is a five-year program that has been funded as part of NASA's Science Activation Network. N3's main goal is to provide a pathway to NASA participation and STEM employment for neurodiverse learners, with a focus on those on the autism spectrum. Through the N3 program, we are enabling STEM education for a segment of the population that is significantly underserved through a process in which existing NASA education resources are redesigned with significant input from autistic learners and their instructors. The co-design process occurs primarily in informal environments, including high school summer programs, and camps and activity sessions for middle school students sponsored by the New York Hall of Science. N3 also offers a mentored summer internship program for at least ten neurodiverse high school students each year. Mentoring is provided by NASA Subject Matter Experts, individuals who collectively possess expertise that spans NASA's Science Mission Directorate.
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