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Paper: Galaxies and Female Astronomers
Volume: 533, ASP 2021: Sharing Best Practices – AstronomyTeaching and Public Engagement
Page: 153
Authors: Rosado, M.
Abstract: The achievements of women working in Astronomy were made invisible and even, attributed to (i.e., plagiarized by) their male chiefs or collaborators, putting aside their revolutionary ideas, knowledge, skills, discipline and hard work. In addition, in multiple cases women could not use the common facilities, such as telescopes and observatories, used by their male colleagues in order to address their astronomical projects, putting women in disadvantage because of the refuse to use those instruments. I have selected the subject of “galaxies” because it dates from the beginnings of last century and thus, it is easier to disentangle women's contribution to that subject. In this work I put in context the merit of female achievements and their important implications in the development of Astronomy. I illustrate where these findings have been used without recognizing women's contributions. I give only few examples, but I am working in registering much more cases in order to teach Astronomy within a gender sensitive context.
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