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Paper: Semi-Classical Collision Formalism with Energy and Momentum Transfer
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 245
Authors: Bommier, V.
Abstract: As expected, the semi-classical theory of atom-electron and atom-ion collisions (Seaton 1962; see also Sahal-Brechot et al. 1996) leads to incorrect results when it is applied to impact polarization computations. This is due to the fact that, near the threshold, the ΔM = ±1 transitions between Zeeman sublevels remain open, even though the momentum conservation law (Percival & Seaton 1958) implies that they should be forbidden at the exact threshold. An approximate model of momentum transfer is proposed, which corrects this behavior, leading to a fairly good agreement with observed impact polarization for several target atoms. The agreement is improved also for the total crosssection, because the ΔM = ±1 cross-sections were previously overestimated. Comparison with experimental results are shown, for electron-atom impact polarization and total cross-section. As a second step, energy transfer is also taken into account, by splitting the collision process in two halves: the first half is modeled within the initial conditions, while the second half is modeled within the final conditions.
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