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Paper: G-Band Bright Points and Photospheric Magnetic Fields
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 61
Authors: Bharti, L.; Jain, R.; Joshi, C.; Jaaffrey, S.N.A.
Abstract: We present high resolution observations of magnetic flux concentrations within a decaying active region near disk center. We recorded G-band images, magnetograms, 2D spectral scan, and continuum images using the Universal Birefringent Filter at the Dunn Solar Telescope. The main results can be summarized as follows: The large-scale pattern of G-band bright points flux in plages are highly correlated, on sub-arcsecond scales; G-band bright points are cospatial and comorphous, with magnetic elements in intergranular lanes. Magnetic elements are continually advected into micropores by the photospheric flow field. We observed narrow (< 0.″25) channels or sheets of downflowing plasma around bright points and micropores. This downflowing plasma shows accelerating nature in deeper layers of solar atmosphere. Upflow and downflow events are found within bright points while micropores show upflow. We compare our results with theoretical model predictions.
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