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Paper: Quiet-Sun Magnetism Seen with a Mn Line: Km-Sized Magnetic Structures
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 54
Authors: Lopez Ariste, A.; Ramirez Velez, J.C.; Tomczyk, S.; Casini, R.; Semel, M.
Abstract: We observed Manganese lines with large hyperfine structure and used them to disentangle strength from flux in the measurement of photospheric magnetic fields. In observations of the quiet sun with both ASP and THEMIS, we measure flux from the amplitude of Stokes V in Fe lines, and the Mn line, crudely analyzed, places the field strength either above or below a threshold of 600 G, which is set by the atomic structure. In the case of THEMIS observations, having determined magnetic flux and field strength for every pixel, one can estimate filling factors of the magnetic field and determine characteristic scales. Structures at scales smaller than 50km are revealed.
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