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Paper: Penumbral Moving Magnetic Features
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 31
Authors: Penn, M.J.; Jaeggli, S.A.; Henney, C.J.; Luszcz, S.; Walton, S.R.
Abstract: Moving magnetic features are observed in the penumbrae of two sunspots with time sequences of vector magnetic field measurements taken in the infrared Fe I 1565nm spectral line (g = 3). These features move with similar radial velocities as previously observed continuum and G-band features, and confirm a short sequence of penumbral magnetic observations in the visible. These features move with similar speeds to the moving magnetic features seen outside sunspot penumbrae, and in some cases they are seen to cross the penumbral boundary and move across the sunspot moat. Magnetic and flow parameters are briefly compared with predictions from the moving flux tube model.
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