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Paper: Signatures of Penumbral Magnetic Fields at Very High Spatial Resolution
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 3
Authors: Langhans, K.
Abstract: Full Stokes spectro-polarimetry, together with refined techniques to interpret the measurements and continual modeling efforts, have improved our understanding of sunspot penumbrae in the last years. In spite of this progress, an improvement in the spatial resolution of the observations is clearly needed to establish in a more direct way the fine structure of the penumbra. The discovery of dark penumbral cores by Scharmer et al. (2002) suggests that we are starting to resolve the fundamental scales of the penumbra. Spectro-polarimetric measurements that are sensitive to the magnetic field in both the photosphere and higher layers, and obtained at a spatial resolution approaching 0.″1, may therefore allow us to draw firm conclusions about the fine scale organization of penumbral magnetic fields. In this paper I will discuss recent polarization measurements at very high spatial resolution, trying to reconcile the different scenarios put forward to explain the structure of the penumbra.
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