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Paper: A Status Report on the Kepler Pixel Project
Volume: 529, RR Lyrae/Cepheid 2019: Frontiers of Classical Pulsators
Page: 44
Authors: Szabó, R.; Forró, A.; Bienias, J.; Szklenár, T.; Bódi, A.; Mező, G.
Abstract: Although the Kepler and K2 missions are over, their legacy, the uninterrupted optical photometry of a large number of stars inaccessible for the ground-based instruments is so precise that new ways can be developed to exploit this treasure trove. We have initiated a program, the Kepler Pixel Project, in order to explore new approaches and to discover new pulsating stars and other time-variable objects. In this project, we examine individual pixels of the original Kepler mission to find interesting objects around the main Kepler targets. Specifically, we launched a project to discover background, faint RR Lyrae stars that were missing from the original Kepler sample. We discuss the project and the search algorithms including a new method for machine learning classification to separate eclipsing binaries from pulsating variable stars. Finally, we give a status update on the preliminary results of the Kepler Pixel Project.
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