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Paper: NVST Observations of the Fine Structure and Counter-Streaming Mass Flows of a Quiescent Prominence
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 365
Authors: Shen, Y.
Abstract: The New Vacuum Solar Telescope (NVST) is briefly introduced and sample observations are shown at the beginning. Then a detailed study on the fine structure and counter-streaming mass flows of a quiescent prominence based on the high-resolution observations of NVST and the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory are presented. The prominence was composed by a vertical and a horizontal foot encircled by an overlying spine, and ubiquitous counter-streaming mass flows are observed in these structures. Underneath the vertical foot there was a semicircular bubble structure, which first collapsed, and then reformed at a similar height, and finally started to oscillate for a long time. The analysis results indicate that the collapse and oscillation of the bubble boundary were tightly associated with a flare-like feature located at the bottom of the bubble. Finally, a prominence model is proposed to explain the observations, which can naturally explain the simultaneous existence of both horizontal and vertical structures in a single prominence, the origin of the counter-streaming mass flows, and the dynamics of the bubble structure.
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