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Paper: Detection of the Linearly Polarised Spectrum of the Red Supergiant Star α Ori
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 249
Authors: Tessore, B.; López Ariste, A.; Mathias, P.; Lèbre, A.; Morin, J.; Josselin, E.
Abstract: At the solar limb, the observed linear polarisation is due to the anisotropy of the radiation field induced by limb darkening. It is maximal when it is seen parallel to the limb and it vanishes when it is integrated over the spherically-symmetric solar disk. Therefore for distant stars, that present spherical symmetry, linear polarisation signatures are very difficult to observe. However, strong linear polarisation features have been reported in the prototypical red supergiant star α Ori (Betelgeuse). We propose to explain them with an analytical model.
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