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Paper: Partial Frequency Redistribution Theory with Paschen-Back Effect: Application to Li I 6708 Å Lines
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 43
Authors: Sowmya, K.; Nagendra, K. N.; Sampoorna, M.; Stenflo, J. O.
Abstract: The diagnostically important Li I D lines in the Second Solar Spectrum are governed by the quantum interference processes that take place among the magnetic substates belonging to different fine (J) and hyperfine (F) structure states. This interference gets modified in the presence of a magnetic field. The signatures of this interference in polarization contain information on the nature of the vector magnetic field in the solar atmosphere. With this motivation, we apply the polarized redistribution matrix including Paschen-Back effect, derived based on the Kramers–Heisenberg scattering matrix approach, to model the polarization profiles of the Li lines observed in the quiet Sun. We make use of the last scattering approximation which is based on the concept that the polarization of the emergent radiation is generated in the last scattering event, before the radiation escapes from the atmosphere. We present a comparison of the quiet Sun observations of the linear polarization profiles of Li I 6708 Å line system with the theoretical profiles computed using our simple modeling approach. We also present theoretical Stokes profiles in the Paschen-Back regime of magnetic fields and compare them with the single scattered profiles.
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