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Paper: Egidio Landi: A Life in the Science and Teaching of Polarimetry
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 3
Authors: Casini, R.
Abstract: This is inevitably a very personal and perhaps even biased account of the work of Prof. Egidio Landi Degl'Innocenti, during his nearly 45 years long scientific career, in the field of polarimetry as it applies to the investigation of solar processes, as well as in the broader context of astrophysics. Despite the breadth of Egidio's contributions to scientific research and teaching, I will not be providing (nor would I have been able to) a complete account of his work. I instead made the choice to emphasize Egidio's style in approaching new science challenges as well as revisiting older problems. This style is first of all a product of both personal discipline and deeply rooted curiosity, but also a legacy of the cultural and academic ambient where Egidio spent his formative years, that is, Florence and its University.
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