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Paper: Saada Interfaces
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 220
Authors: Michel, L.; Kobersi, P.
Abstract: Saada has been designed to help astronomers to build local archives by the simplest way. A Database created by Saada, a SaadaDB, can host multiple collections of heterogeneous data (spectra, catalogs images, spectra, flatfiles, miscellaneous). Meta-data extracted from input files (FITS or VOTables) are first stored into the database and then mapped to a common interface allowing consistent queries covering these heterogeneous datasets. Data collections can be linked to each other with persistent relationships. A SaadaDB comes with a rich Web interface automatically generated and managed. Data collections can also be exposed through VO services (SCS, SIA, SSA or TAP). An API is available for those who want to build their own Web interface or to feed another piece of software with data retrieved from the database. A SaadaDB can be managed with a graphical tool or by script. Although being enable to be operated automatically, the data loader can be configured by hand to extract the proper meta-data.
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