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Paper: Web-based Quick Data Analysis Tools JUDO2 and UDON2
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 205
Authors: Ebisawa, K.
Abstract: We are developing the web-based quick data analysis tools JUDO2 and UDON2 at DARTS ( JUDO2 adopts Aladin Lite to display various astronomical survey data. In particular, we have created HiPS data of Suzaku, MAXI, ASCA and Swift, and publish them from DARTS. In addition, we made various types of the constellation data in HiPS format. Recently, thanks to cooperation by ESA-sky team, the XMM fields of view (footprints) and direct links to the XMM-archive at ESA are made available in JUDO2. UDON2 allows users to extract spectra and light-curves of MAXI, Suzaku and ASCA data. Users can display favorite target-stars or sky regions in JUDO2, and jump to UDON2 to quickly analyze these targets. We are going to add JAXA's other astronomical data (e.g. Akari pointing data, Hitomi) to JUDO2 and UDON2.
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