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Paper: Visual Analytics in Astrophysics: a Novel Tool Integrated into VisIVO
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 197
Authors: Becciani, U.; Vitello, F.; Sciacca, E.; Costa, A.; Giorgio, A. M. D.; Molinari, S.; Schisano, E.; Butora, R.; Molinaro, M.
Abstract: Visual analytics combine data mining algorithms and advanced analysis techniques with highly interactive visual interfaces offering scientists the opportunity for in-depth understanding of massive, noisy, and high-dimensional data. We present a visual analytics environment, integrated with the VisIVO tools, developed for the VIALACTEA project which aims to exploit the combination of all new-generation surveys of the Galactic Plane to build and deliver a galaxy scale predictive model for star formation of the Milky Way.
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