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Paper: Optimization of Multi-band Galaxies Cataloguing: Description of the Data Management Pipeline
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 173
Authors: Sanchez, M. J. M.; Baro, L. M. S.; Budavari, T.
Abstract: The analysis of multi-band images of cosmological fields presents several technical difficulties related to the assembly of consecutive knowledge extraction tasks from source identification to photometric measurements, cross-matching and source labeling. We present the design of a new software pipeline to carry out some of these tasks in an automatic way using techniques borrowed from the field of artificial intelligence. We aim to provide the community with three open source software modules to i) label sources in an astronomical image according to the probability that each one is blended or contaminated with surrounding sources; ii) extract photometric measurements of extended objects using active contours; and iii) carry out a probabilistic cross-match of sources from different images and bands, using all astro-photometric information available. All this being integrated in a configurable architecture which allows to make the best usage of the different features. Aspects related to Big Data, memory management and computational cost are an important part in the evaluation of the feasibility of the solution proposed and will not be discussed in this paper. Finally we show several examples of the application of this pipeline to both real astronomical images and simulated ones.
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