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Paper: Designing Modular Software for Template Fitting Photo-z Estimation
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 169
Authors: Apostolakos, N.; Degaudenzi, H.; Dubath, F.; Dubath, P.; Morisset, N.; Paltani, S.; Schefer, M.
Abstract: Producing photometric redshift (photo-z) catalog for the Euclid mission constitutes a challenge, both technically, due to the big amount of data, as well as algorithmically, due to the demanding scientific requirements. To fulfill this task, by using the template fitting method, we have developed the Phosphoros tool. This tool provides the modularity and flexibility required to easily embed algorithm variations and new features, as requested from the scientific community, without compromising its performance and scalability to the size of the Euclid data. It is designed to be used both by the Euclid Data Centers for the production pipeline and by the scientific community for performing photo-z analysis or post-processing photo-z results. This paper focuses on the design aspects of Phosphoros, the different modules it consists of, and its integration with the rest of the Euclid software ecosystem.
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