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Paper: DACE: New Available Visualisation and Analysis Tools for Exoplanet Research
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 757
Authors: Buchschacher, N.; Alesina, F.
Abstract: The Data Analysis Center for Exoplanets (DACE) is a web platform based at the University of Geneva (CH) dedicated to extrasolar planet data visualisation, exchange and analysis. Observational data like radial velocities, light curves and imaging measurements are available as well as sophisticated analysis tools. Keplerian models can be analysed and compared to synthetic planetary populations and evolution tracks provided by the university of Bern. Sophisticated numerical simulations can be run using N-Body algorithms developed by the university of Zurich and accelerated by GPU cards. DACE also contains star position tool helping astronomers to prepare future observations according to the location of the observatory and time constraints. All these tools are developed in collaboration between the different PlanetS sub projects and integrated in the platform.
This platform is based on web technologies using common programming languages like PHP and Javascript for the front-end part and Java or python on the back-end. PostgreSQL and MongoDB are used as database management systems. All the plots available in DACE have been implemented using a Javascript chart library fully developed according to the different project visualisation requirements. Different projects can contribute by providing analysis code which can run on the server side and be directly launched from the website.
DACE is funded through the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) PlanetS, federating the Swiss expertise in exoplanet research.
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