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Paper: SIRENA: Software for Athena X-IFU Event Reconstruction
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 663
Authors: Ceballos, M.; Cobo, B.; Peille, P.; Wilms, J.; Brand, T.; Dauser, T.; Bandler, S.; Smith, S.
Abstract: SIRENA is a software prototype package currently in development for the reconstruction of the energy of the X-ray events detected by the X-IFU instrument of the Athena observatory. During this development phase it is integrated in a larger project for Athena end-to-end simulations (SIXTE), where X-IFU data can be simulated, initially triggered and finally, energy reconstructed, thus helping in the assessment of different instrument configurations.
SIRENA implements different analysis and triggering algorithms with the aim of testing their performance in terms of energy resolution and computing resources. The best performance algorithms, optimized for in-flight use, will be finally implemented on board in the X-IFU Digital Readout Electronics (DRE) unit.
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