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Paper: Using Nagios to Monitor the Telescope Manager (TM) of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA)
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 659
Authors: Canzari, M.; Carlo, M. D.; Dolci, M.; Smareglia, R.
Abstract: The SKA (Square Kilometer Array), currently under design, will be a huge radio-astronomical facility, whose management will be performed by a suite of software applications called Telescope Manager (SKA TM) via the TANGO framework. In order to ensure the proper and uninterrupted operation of TM, a local monitoring and control system (TM.LMC) is being developed, with the goal to perform monitoring, lifecycle control and fault management of TM. For the monitoring activity, central to TM.LMC, Nagios (automated by the lifecycle management tool Chef) has been proposed as the main toolkit to check resources, services and status of every TM application both at generic and performance level: for this latter purpose, a custom agent has been developed. This led to an integrated fault management module, based on Nagios-Chef integration, which can efficiently handle any abnormal situation.
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