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Paper: Photometric Aperture Corrections for the ACS/SBC
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 647
Authors: Avila, R. J.; Chiaberge, M.
Abstract: We present aperture correction tables for the Advanced Camera for Surveys/Solar Blind Channel (ACS/SBC). As part of a campaign to improve the instrument calibrations, we observed the white dwarf J132811.4+463050 using three filters (F125LP, F140LP, F150LP). The observed point spread functions (PSFs) contain more flux in the wings than Tiny Tim models, which can underestimate aperture corrections by as much as ∼9%, when compared with the observed fluxes. The updated aperture correction tables will be provided to the ReDCaT team so that they can be used in pysynphot and HST's Exposure Time Calculator.
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