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Paper: Astrophysics Source Code Library: Here We Grow Again!
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 643
Authors: Allen, A.; Berriman, G. B.; DuPrie, K.; Mink, J.; Nemiroff, R.; Robitaille, T.; Schmidt, J.; Shamir, L.; Shortridge, K.; Taylor, M. B.; Teuben, P.; Wallin, J.
Abstract: The Astrophysics Source Code Library (ASCL) is a free online registry of research codes; it is indexed by ADS and Web of Science and has over 1300 code entries. Its entries are increasingly used to cite software; citations have been doubling each year since 2012 and every major astronomy journal accepts citations to the ASCL. Codes in the resource cover all aspects of astrophysics research and many programming languages are represented. In the past year, the ASCL added dashboards for users and administrators, started minting Digital Objective Identifiers (DOIs) for software it houses, and added metadata fields requested by users. This presentation covers the ASCL's growth in the past year and the opportunities afforded it as one of the few domain libraries for science research codes.
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