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Paper: PNGS: an API Ecosystem for Astronomical Applications Development
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 511
Authors: Fumana, M.; Franzetti, P.; Garilli, B.; Scala, P. L.; Scodeggio, M.
Abstract: PNGS (Pandora Next Generation Software) is a collection of object oriented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) implementing a broad set of functionalities and routines aimed at the manipulation of spectroscopic astronomical data. In particular a subset of GUI-oriented APIs are available. Based on the FASE (see Grosböl et al. (2012)) framework, PNGS offers a fully customizable software ecosystem which allows to develop applications spanning the whole spectroscopic data life cycle, from data classification to its organization on disk, analysis, reduction, visualization and archiving.
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